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We are an innovative real estate development team based in Tirol, welcome to our homepage! Are you interested in a high-quality residential property, apartment or office space? Or, are you looking for an experienced team of professionals who can help you build the home of your dreams? Look no further!

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Housing Project in Natters

Construction of 14 high-quality condominiums in Natters is underway. With a countryside setting, yet still close to the city, this project has a lot to offer. The south-facing apartments and contemporary modern architecture provide a wonderful and welcoming feel.

Walter Stoll GF

Stoll Wohnen Bau, Solaranlage, Arzl im Pitztal

For the Environment

At Stoll Wohnen, we believe in using resources responsibly. Our innovative heating systems use different methods depending on the specific condition of each project. These range from the use of district heating by solar plants, biomass heating to geothermal energy. The goal is to preserve the environment and the wallet of our customers.

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Imst - Refined Stoll Wohnen Quality

We are planning a stylish residential housing project in the calm Imst am Spitz fields. Looking for something special? Contact Us! We will happily keep you up to date.

Walter Stoll GF

In the beginning is yearning …

Nelly Sachs (1891 - 1970)


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Interior Design

Living is something very personal! Our interior design team will help you realize your individual dream home.


Quote of the Week

We do not live to dwell, but we dwell in order to live.

Paul Johannes Tillich

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This was a special situation for me because I owned a plot of land and was interested in an apartment. After many talks, we made an agreement. Walter …

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