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Prutz - Wohnraum in Kabisreith

In Prutz, at the entrance to the Kaunertal, Stoll Wohnen Bau realized a small 5-unit property project in 2017. Located in a quiet and mature residential area, this residential building blends harmoniously into its surroundings.


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Perfuchs, Landeck

In one of the oldest residential areas in Landeck, this 10-party residential building is surrounded by meadows, fruit trees and a unique mountain backdrop. The location is top tier, it is quiet and yet still within walking distance of the city center. In July of 2017, the apartments were handed over to their new owners.


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Pitzenebene II, Arzl im Pitztal

A fantastic unobstructed view of the Pitztal! The residents of this house can enjoy this every day from their kitchen, their terrace or their garden. The top location in a family-friendly area within walking distance of the village center makes this mini residential complex very appealing.


Stoll Wohnen Bau, Post, Referenz, Arzl im Pitztal

Post, Arzl im Pitztal

The POST was realized between 2011 and spring 2014 by Stoll Wohnen. Today, the former Hotel Post sits once again enthroned in the middle of the village center and proudly presents itself as a new contemporary standard. The former hotel became a residential and commercial building with 25 units.


Stoll Wohnen Bau, Referenzen, Jenewein Haus, Imst, Arzl im Pitzta

Jenewein Haus, Imst

The Jenewein House was handed over to its buyers in 2013. The result was a residential and commercial building with 18 units in the center of Imst. The apartment sizes vary between 60 - 100m ². Residents appreciate the good infrastructure and spacious south-facing terraces and gardens.


Stoll Wohnen Bau, Alte Sparkasse, Miete, Arzl im Pitztal

Alte Sparkasse, Imst

The landmark building was completely renovated in 2011/2012 and expanded with an annex. Great emphasis was placed on a careful renovation of the Alte Sparkasse building. Modern and historical stand respectfully side by side and form a harmonious and cohesive whole.


Referenz Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal Kaufen Mieten Wohnen Anlegen

Christian-Plattner-Straße, Imst

These two residential buildings in the center of Imst were built in 2010/2011. Both the neighborhood and the Alte Sparkasse building played an important role in the planning and realization. The new buildings form a harmonious relationship with the traditional Art Nouveau building.


Pitzenebene 1 Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal Referenz

Pitzenebene I, Arzl im Pitztal

This house is located in a quiet and sought after residential area in Arzl im Pitztal. It comprises 8 units with 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments. It is walking distance from the village and the family-friendly, sunny location are just some of the highlights this condominium has to offer.


Oberfeld Ötz Referenz Stoll Wohnenbau Arzl im Pitztal

Oberfeld, Ötz

This multi-family house is located in a very desirable residential area in Oetz at the beginning of the Ötztal. The spectacular panoramic view, the quiet location, the proximity to the village center are all advantages that characterize this project.


Am Weinberg Referenz Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal

Am Weinberg, Imst

This residential house Am Weinberg is characterized by its idiosyncratic rounded southwest-side. The warm facade color and the optimal use of the property are two essential features of this extraordinary project.


Bichl Referenz Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal Kaufen Wohnen Wohnbau

Bichl II, Arzl im Pitztal

Small but nice, that's how the Stoll Living Project Bichl II can be described. The house was built in a desirable residential area in Arzl im Pitztal. The striking red façade and the covered carport immediately catch the viewer's eye and make it stand out as a truly unique property.


Am Raun Referenz Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal Eigentumswohnunge

Am Raun, Imst

The residential complex Am Raun is located in a quiet residential area with high recreational value in Imst. The rounded balconies and the sunny yellow color of the plastic panels give the facade an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Plangeroß Bauträger Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal Wohnbau Wohnungen Eigentum

Plangeross, St. Leonhard in the Pitztal

These two almost identical houses are located in the rear of the Pitztal valley in the municipality of St. Leonhard. The two buildings comprise 8 residential units. The special feature of this project lies in the trapezoidal sheet metal façade of the second floor, which clearly stands out from the two basement floors.


Oetz Wohnbau Referenz Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal

Piburgerstraße, Oetz in the Ötztal

This residential complex in the Piburgerstraße is characterized by its central location. The three interconnected residential buildings are located in an attractive residential area in Oetz with high recreational value. The Piburger lake, and many cycling and hiking trails are accessible in the immediate vicinity.


Wohnhaus Bichl Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal Wohnkauf Mietwohnungen Anlegen Wohnstyle Architektur

Bichl I, Arzl im Pitztal

The four-unit house is located in a very popular residential area in Arzl im Pitztal not far from the village center. The striking anthracite-colored façade and the compact structure blends harmoniously into the surroundings.


Stoll Wohnen, Bauträger Imst, Wohnung kaufen Raum Imst, Arzl im Pitztal

Geizepuit, Arzl im Pitztal

Beautifully situated at the beginning of Ostersteins, a district of Arzl im Pitztal, are these three south-facing residential buildings. The Stoll Wohnen Project Geizepuit was awarded the climate sun of the state of Tyrol as a result to its concept.


Hohe Bank Referenz Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal Wohnkauf Eigentumswohnungen

Hohe Bank, Arzl im Pitztal

Hohe Bank is Stoll Wohnen's first project realized in Arzl. The compact small residential complex combines the need for living in the countryside with a very economical use of land. The project was awarded the Climate Sun by the state of Tyrol.


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