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Stoll Wohnen Bau GmbH
Dr-Carl-Pfeiffenberger-Straße 14/Top2b
6460 Imst


T +43 5412 65942
Fax +43 5412 68155


"One waits until the time changes, the other seizes the moment and acts."

Dante Alighieri


Stoll Wohnen Bau GmbH
Dr.-Carl-Pfeiffenberger-Straße 14/Top 2b
6460 Imst
Telephone: +43 5412 65942
Fax: +43 5412 68155


Interior Design

Living is something very personal! Our interior design team will help you realize your individual dream home.


Quote of the Week

We do not live to dwell, but we dwell in order to live.

Paul Johannes Tillich

our clients

Roland Schlatter

... always someone to help you out! From the first contact to the key handover, we had everything talked out. I am extremely satisfied with the …

thank you

Stoll Wohnen Bau GmbH 

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