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This compact three-bedroom apartment has everything its residents sought: thoughtful floor plan, central location, beautiful environment and a modern, contemporary design with a splash of color. The interior is decorated mainly in white and brown, with a mix of materials creating a beautifully harmonized balance. The kitchen is at the center of the space and opens onto a terrace, offering a modern outlook. A contemporary mix that is both practical and comfortable!



Who would have thought, A fashion lounge in Imst? The Imsterin Heidi Ewerz and Mile Djuric have dared to bring a very urban concept into Tiroler Oberland. They transformed the listed premises in Alte Sparkasse with creativity and flair, converting the space into an extraordinary fashion meeting place. Upon entering, a red runner shows customers the way to the showrooms. A French baroque sofa greets visitors and serves as an extraordinary eye-catcher. The inventory is surrounded by white accents, creating an incredibly light and airy space. In addition, the straight white presentation tables in the middle of the room contrast with the exposed Nouveau paintings on the walls, allowing the art to take center stage. Impressive lighting fixtures create a truly pleasant atmosphere.

We wish you success!

Mile Mode Lounge


Industrial style mixed with a dash of vintage describes the interior design of the newly opened CAFIE in the Alte Sparkasse. If you look closely, Thonet chairs, and cast iron accents show up in many of the details; an homage to the old Art Nouveau building, which was built between 1903 and 1905. In the words of the young entrepreneur "the atmosphere fits my holistic concept, mixing zeitgeist from the building's era and a splash of my own personal style." Untreated, sandblasted walls, a modern industrial floor and a variety of different vintage chairs, coupled with heavy oak make for a special environment. The interior design was by Iris Marweld-Stoll, MA (the residential stylist) in collaboration with Dipl.Ing. Hanno Parth (architect). Good luck to the young entrepreneur!

Thought-out to the smallest detail, this home was carefully designed to match the customer's vision. Open and airy, the space welcomes its visitors. Oak on the walls, floors and individual furniture finishes contrast with straight, modern decor in beige and gray tones. The warm blues of the sofas loosen up the vibe and put a soothing color into the atmosphere. Everything fits together.

An elaborate concept of living with quality materials - ambiance included!

This Stoll Wohnen customers could suit a wide variety of tastes. Upon arriving, the visitor enters a spacious open living environment, which is accented by the high pitched roof overhead. A stone floor in warm colors combined with traditional country furniture and a wood-leather seating area set the tone. The modern kitchen contrasts the built-in wooden elements in the dining area. Sleeping areas and living areas are clearly separated. A spacious terrace provides outdoor space for beautiful sunny days.

This very charming countryside home with modern features creates a beautiful atmosphere!

Central living in the city and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. This Stoll Wohnen apartment is functional and straightforward in it's design, open to the south with floor to ceiling glass windows. A large terrace extends over the entire length of the back, which increases living space. The white kitchen in a U shape separates the cooking area from the dining and living area. A modern interior runs consistently through all the rooms and is accompanied by warm parquet floors and dark wooden windows.

Functionality and quality of life guaranteed!

A beautiful garden situated right in the center of this apartment makes for a very tranquil setting. The tenants of this Stoll Wohnen condominium are able to enjoy life indoors and out. The modern apartment surprises guests upon arrival with a diagonal patterned floor in marble, which opens up to the living area and garden. Floor to ceiling windows let the outdoors and indoors merge.

Warm wooden floors, accented wall colors combined with cool leather furniture and high-gloss fronts in the kitchen complete the modern design and make for a personal touch in this four-room apartment. Stucco decorations on the ceilings and a sophisticated lighting system ensure that comfort is not neglected. All in all, a very individually designed apartment!

All in all a very individually designed apartment!

When asked about their wishes for a new home, this young couple replied "a nice apartment with a garden." The result is a tasteful and cozy interior that invites you to get comfortable. The entrance area demonstrates the detailed thought that went into making this home what it is today. Bespoke carpentry provides ample storage space and the wood grain contrasts nicely with gray and black tones. Living and dining areas are generously proportioned and laid out for maximum functionality. From the living space you enter the landscaped garden, which is utilized by the residents and guests as often as possible. What a sense of living!

The ambiance of this condo can be characterized as modern and inviting. Wooden windows and wooden flooring create a warm and cozy atmosphere that allows the modern styling elements to standout. The highly functional layout provides optimal space and an intuitive flow. The floor to ceiling windows of the living-dining area, which open out into a spacious terrace, create a sense of openness and provide the best lighting conditions.  


The Alte Sparkasse building provides a prestigious location for a known Imster law firm. Equipped with sophisticated details, the interior design is a successful mix bespoke craftsmanship and modern design. The choice of colors and different materials (such as wood, plastic and stainless steel), as well as optimal lighting create a clear, professional and inviting ambience. A sophisticated environment for employees, visitors and clients! 

DENTAL PRACTICE Arzl in the Pitztal

The dental practice at the Post building in Arzl is a successful example of when functionality and aesthetics work together. Together with Stoll Wohnen, the customer was able to realize their vision. The layout of the practice is functional, practical and goal-oriented. Upon entering the office, the visitor is greeted by a friendly and unconventionally styled lobby. The front desk stands out for its unique shape, its high-contrast color and its materials. With decorations and furniture almost exclusively in white, and a sophisticated lighting concept patients experience a bright and spacious experience. Many thoughtful touches and accessories provide the necessary feel-good effect. All in all a successful concept!

Living in an old building, especially if it is a heritage-protected Art Nouveau building, guarantees a special flair:

Spacious rooms, high ceilings, special details such as herringbone parquet, Art Nouveau tiles, historical light switches and sockets, Art Nouveau paintings on the walls and much more create a truly unique living experience. At the end of the entrance hallway, from which the individual rooms and bathroom are accessible, is an open living area with integrated kitchen that occupies the entire width of the house. One feels transported back to the last century, with its playful Art Nouveau ornaments.



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