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We acquire only first-class locations. This is one of our top criteria. If you have a greenfield property or one with an existing building let us know. We are constantly looking for new development opportunities in prime locations. We provide a tailor-made offer specifically for you.


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Our projects are characterized by a high level of quality across the board. Excellent locations and high quality materials provide our buildings with lasting value and a very good price / performance ratio.

Our core business is the construction of new homes. We build small, manageable residential and commercial units. Our field of activity extends from the acquisition of the building site, across the entire real estate development process up to the realization and the sale of individual products. We work with partners who equally pursue our high value and quality standards.

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From the beginning, the responsible handling of resources and sustainable, environmentally friendly construction materials have been central to our corporate philosophy. Our very first houses were equipped with triple glazing and a special insulation, making us a role model in the region. From project to project, measures have been taken and optimized so that our residential complexes are exceptionally energy efficient.

Stoll Wohnen uses tailored heating concepts depending on the specific condition and location of each project. These range from the use of district heating by solar plants to biomass heating and geothermal energy. The goal is to preserve the environment and the budget of our customers.

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Barrier-free living is becoming increasingly important, especially because of the increasingly aging population. For this reason, we are happy to take into account the wishes of our customers during the planning process to ensure our buildings are accessible to anyone.

Our new buildings are finished to fit the modern standard. Our customers can choose from a variety of offerings. The modern light-filled design is reflected consistently in a modern interior. Interior and exterior form a coherent and harmonious final product.

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When we choose to undertake the rehabilitation and renovation of an old building worth preserving, we take that responsibility very seriously. This is reflected in a respectful and careful treatment of historic structures. A representative project is the 'Alte Sparkasse' building in Imst. It has been carefully renovated by Stoll Wohnen in collaboration with the Monuments Office, as well as expanded with additional construction that accents the original building tastefully.

Our trained staff can answer any and all of your questions. We will inform you about possible promotions and are always happy to share our knowledge. Whether it's in regards to getting financing or government subsidies, we are either to help you ourselves or point you in the direction of the appropriate party.

Our Team

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The fiduciary management of our business relies on notaries and lawyers to ensure safety and transparency for our customer's condo transactions. This practice is based on the statutory turnkey contract law (BTVG). Depending on the progress of construction, buyers pay into an escrow account. Then, an independent civil engineer verifies and confirms the structural progress. All this provides maximum financial security for our customers.

Our floor plans are well thought out and are developed with the highest care to pair aesthetic architecture with functional floor plans. Our customers can choose a variety of options based on our Stoll Wohnen standards.

If you have any additional requests beyond what we offer, we can connect you to the building contractors working for us. Stoll Wohnen is happy to include your wishes, and our project management team will check their technical feasibility.


Das Team

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Are you undecided and possibly overwhelmed at the thought of setting up your dream home? You feel confused by the variety of options offered to you and want to do everything right ...

We offer a free initial consultation in the interior design of your new home. Our residential stylist can advise you and guide you - if desired - to the development of your individually tailored living space.

Iris Marweld-Stoll, MA

The standard package of a Stoll Wohnen finished unit includes a turn-key variant of a condominium built to Stoll Wohnen standards.

If you have technical skills and would like to provide individual services yourself, then Stoll Wohnen will provide a "self-expansion" variant. In this case, carried out in-house work will be deducted from the purchase price.

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"We do not stay well if we do not always strive to get better."

Gottfried Keller


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Living is something very personal! Our interior design team will help you realize your individual dream home.


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