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Stoll Wohnen Bau, Arzl im Pitztal


Our properties are located exclusively in prime locations. We only use high quality materials and also place high demands on our local partners, who are characterized by a mutually high quality standard. Separate chimney connections in some apartment provides comfort and warmth.


Our motto: quality of life linked with long lasting value in the city or the county 


Environmental protection is big with us. The materials we use are designed to minimize heating costs and environment impact. Triple glazing and a special insulation are crucial in this process. Innovative heating systems dependent on location provide warmth and comfort. Sound insulation within the apartment building (for new construction) allows an intimate privacy for each resident. For the accessibility of all our customers, we are building barrier-free apartments.

Wohnungskauf Wohnbau Eigentum Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal

Stoll Wohnen Bau, Arzl im Pitztal


Our architects have many years of experience and are characterized by their high competence and creativity. A functional floor plan is always of paramount importance, along with savvy architectural details and appealing aesthetics.


Our apartment buildings stand out with their modern light-filled style. This is also reflected in an open, spacious and functional design. In the planning phase, our customers have the option to contribute their individual needs for spatial planning.


Since our foundation, the responsible use of resources and an environmentally friendly design have been central focuses of our corporate philosophy. Starting from the very beginning of each new development, we select our projects carefully and deliberately to ensure they match the surrounding environment. During construction, energy-saving measures such as triple glazing and a special insulation are used in order to achieve energy efficient buildings. For our customers, this means cost savings from heating and a share in helping to protect the climate!


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Stoll Wohnen Bau, Walter Stoll, Werte, Arzl im Pitztal

Family Business

The active cooperation of the family in the business, sharing knowledge and learning from each other, are important components of our corporate culture. We take responsibility for our actions and for our company.


The basis for mutual trust are transparency and openness. The key is in clear communication both within the company and externally with our customers and partners. Transparency and openness are the foundation on which our family is built.

Employees - Responsibility for our Future

Taking responsibility for the future for us means recognizing the demands of the future. We believe promoting the growth of our employees in both their personal and professional development is a long-term investment that will strengthen the services of our company.

Team Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal Mitarbeiter Teamwork

Wohnbau Wohnungskauf Mietwohnung Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitzta

Connected Cooperation

Collaborative interactions with our customers and partners is very important to us. It is the prerequisite for optimal results, and forms the basis for satisfying all parties. In conflicts or disagreements, we strive to think of solution-oriented actions.

Reliability and Satisfaction

Satisfaction of our employees, customers and partners is something we take very seriously. We see ourselves as a reliable partner to initiate forward-looking, innovative solutions in all of our constructions and designs. We shape the future and make our customers dream homes a reality.

Stoll Wohnen Bau, Verlässlichkeit, Arzl im Pitztal

Team Stoll Wohnen Bau Arzl im Pitztal Teamwork

Authenticity and Integrity

Authenticity and integrity are values ​​to which we aspire. To achieve this, we try every day to reinforce our strengths and learn from our challenges. Through self-reflection and constructive-criticism, we try to grow and achieve excellence. We are committed to our values ​​and focus our actions and decisions accordingly. We stay true to ourselves and stand by our convictions by acting responsibly, trustworthy and cooperatively with our customers, employees, partners and the environment.

It all started with a vision...

Walter Stoll, Company Founder & CEO.


Stoll Wohnen Bau GmbH
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Telephone: +43 5412 65942
Fax: +43 5412 68155


Interior Design

Living is something very personal! Our interior design team will help you realize your individual dream home.


Quote of the Week

We do not live to dwell, but we dwell in order to live.

Paul Johannes Tillich

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After looking for a new home in 2010, I came across the company Stoll Wohnen. At the time Mr. Stoll himself showed me some apartments and gave me the …

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