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Bachelor Flat in Natters

Natters high quality residential complex of 14-units.

A studio apartment is interesting for first-time-buyers and investors. The excellent infrastructure, proximity to Innsbruck and the contemporary, modern architecture make up the appeal of this housing project.

Construction is underway!

Investment Properties

The advantages of an investment property are straight-forward: you purchase an apartment and generate cash flow from future tenants. The goal is to be repaid with the rent, allowing the investor to cover, or at least partially cover, any loan payments. If the apartment is paid off, the rental income offers an additional source of income. Appreciation in value and tax benefits also work in favor of this type of investment. In terms of risks, not all properties will demand tenants. To prevent this occurrence, investors should consider some factors when purchasing a property. These include (but are not limited to) size, amenities and location. Raiffeisen Landesbank, one of our partners, are able to assist you at



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